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E17 Xavier Dolan, réalisateur prodige ?

August 17, 2017

Intermediate French Podcast with Transcript.

Learn French in Context with these Fascinating Topics.

Very few directors shot their first award winning-movie at 19.

But Xavier Dolan did.

Now 28, the Canadian director, producer and actor has already been more rewarded than most directors during their whole careers.

Critics praise his mastery while the audience is often deeply moved by his emotionally charged scenes. However as a workaholic, he is not always easy to work with.

In this episode, I tell you everything there is to know about Xavier Dolan and which of his movies you should watch first and you have not seen any yet.

This podcast is designed for intermediate French learners who want to get a better grasp of the language by listening to current topics.

You can find the transcript of this episode here:

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