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E11 Faut-il se lever tôt ?

July 3, 2017

Intermediate French Podcast with Transcript.

Learn French in Context with these Fascinating Topics.

From CEOs to Athletes, it seems like everyone these days is waking up at 5 in the morning.

You probably already read some articles or books singing the praises of this new trend. But despite the many benefits it could bring to your life, every morning you’re late to jump on the bandwagon… You might even think that it’s just not for you.

But (almost) everyone can become an early bird. It is mostly a matter of method and patience. So in this podcast, I will share with you some tips to make it easier for you to adopt this healthy habit. And if you are definitely more of a night owl, I will give you some reasons not to feel guilty.

This podcast is designed for intermediate French learners who want to get a better grasp of the language by listening to interesting topics.

You can find the transcript of this episode here:

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